Is a Friendly Ghost Haunting the Home of a Citrus Heights Elvis Impersonator?

"We are provoking the entities by having Johnny sing Elvis Presley's Suspicious Minds."


A Casper Haunting is a ghost haunting in which no malice is shown "to the owner of the establishment or the occupants."

A family in Citrus Heights believes they are experiencing such a haunting, according to BeforeItsNews.com. The home belongs to an Elvis impersonator.

Their report begins: 

"Occupant's husband hears a man's voice: 'Keri, who's this guy?' House cat cries and looks towards ceiling and is obsessed with ceiling. House built in 1972. More voices are heard throughout the house ... According to Keri, the entities could either be James who was like a step-father to Keri or David, a close friend."

The investigators reported seeing "crystal clear orbs" in their first investigation at the home: 

Most Casper Haunting investigations we usually get nothing, but in this case we are capturing a lot of EVPs. We are provoking the entities by having Johnny sing Elvis Presley's Suspicious Minds. We also played Suspicious Minds from a YouTube video, when the song was playing on the video, I felt two small hands on my shoulders.

Read the full report on BeforeItsNews.com and share your thoughts below. You can also check out photos that the investigators claim to be suspicious. 


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